Founded at the convergence of lifestyle and the tech revolution, we were pioneers of the dot com era.

Our genesis began working with the venture capital funded startups and tech visionaries who paved the way for the connected world we live in. Since then we’ve earned a reputation as a think tank.

As a consulting agency, Makeover Media provides insight, strategies, and solutions for artists, brands, entrepreneurs and their ideas, both large and small.

We help you navigate the multiple channel Universe.


Beverly Hills. Los Angeles. Carmel. Paris. Athens.

Linda Arroz

Words are my currency; strategy is my mantra. I’m a solution/results-oriented advisor, author, keynote and motivational speaker. As a problem solver, I reverse engineer the situation to ask the right questions. I’m a cultural anthropologist, putting the past into perspective in order to manifest the future.

Kyrian Corona

A fresh voice in the conversation with an international perspective. I reside in Los Angeles, Paris and Greece, working in multiple time zones, cultures and technologies. As a classically trained musician and compulsive writer, I apply artistic sensibility to complex situations, always seeking the elegant solution.