Bras for the Cause

What You Need to Know About Breast Reconstruction When You’ve Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer


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Bras for the Cause

Dr. Andrew T. Cohen Offers Innovative Options for Breast Reconstruction Including a New, Post Surgical Bra Designed to Provide “Sex Appeal as You Heal,” Supporting Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day,

BRA Day USA, October 17

Vincenzo Apparel’s post-surgical bras are made in the USA (Los Angeles) and a portion of sales will be donated to the Plastic Surgery Foundation

(Los Angeles, October 1, 2012) – The campaign for Breast Reconstruction Day, BRA Day USA, kicks off on October 17, 2012. BRA Day USA is focused on promoting education, awareness and access regarding post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Research shows that seven out of 10 women are not aware of their breast reconstruction options following mastectomy. Breast reconstruction is achieved through several plastic surgery techniques that attempt to restore a breast to near normal shape, appearance and size following mastectomy.

According to Dr. Andrew T. Cohen, a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, “We now have multiple techniques that offer excellent results for breast reconstruction. The key for the best outcome is for the cancer surgeon and the plastic surgeon to work as a team to plan the mastectomy, in order to preserve as much skin and tissue as possible. But a natural looking breast is achievable, right down to the rebuilding of the nipple and areola.”

Dr. Cohen says, “It’s important to have as much information as possible. Knowing your options for breast reconstruction before you have a mastectomy and what to expect, helps you maintain a positive outlook during your cancer treatment. Make sure to ask your doctor questions.”

To get the conversation started, Dr. Cohen provides a few examples.

  • What are the options for breast reconstruction and which technique is best for me?
  • Will my desire to have breast reconstruction affect my cancer treatment?
  • Can you show me some before-and-after photos of patients that have chosen to have breast reconstruction, in particular, the technique you recommend for me?
  • Should I consider breast reconstruction immediately or should I wait, and why?
  • Will I need more than one surgery for reconstruction?
  • How long will the breast reconstruction take in terms of recovery?
  • Will my new breast look and feel like my other breast?
  • Do I need a special bra after reconstruction?
  • Will my insurance company pay for it?

Innovations in the realm of breast reconstruction include new options in post surgical bras. Most post surgical bras look just like they sound: medical. A new post surgical bra, Vincenzo, offers a more feminine, sexy look that patient’s desire, combined with the functionality and support that plastic surgeons demand. Designed and manufactured by Vincenzo Apparel in Los Angeles, California, Vincenzo’s post surgical bras are the result of one woman’s personal experience.

Following breast surgery, Karen Ainbinder searched for post-operative bras that were wireless, provided support and comfort but were colorful, fun and sexy. Instead, Ainbinder became a desperate shopper when she realized there wasn’t a product that met both her surgeon’s criteria and her personal needs. Vincenzo’s online store was founded to create a specialized shopping destination for the newly augmented woman and for those who are undergoing breast reconstruction surgery.

Many health insurance companies provide coverage for post-surgery bras, particularly for breast reconstruction procedures. To ensure the patient has a proper fit for healing as well as eliminate the patient’s stress of post surgical bra hunting, physicians can purchase Vincenzo Bras to sell or give to their patients.

Four fashionable post surgery styles complete the first collection in sizes B to DD. The Demi features a flirty demi cut neckline that’s ideal under lower cut tops and comes in three colors: black with sheer mesh accents and lightweight breathable cotton; black lace over a soft pink cotton cup, and nude. The two full coverage styles are available in black with black mesh, and nude with shimmering lace. All styles have adjustable shoulder straps, convention front hook and eye fasteners, and three sets of rear hook and eye fasteners to ensure a proper fit as swelling reduces.

These multiple adjustments on the front, back and straps allow for a custom and comfortable fit, making them perfect for activities like yoga and Pilates.

Two shopping promo codes for BRA Day USA offer savings: free shipping on orders of two or more, use FREESHIP; and for 10% of single purchase, use VINCENZO10OFF.

About Dr. Andrew T. Cohen Dr. Andrew T. Cohen is a board certified plastic surgeon with a private practice in the exclusive Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills and is the Clinical Chief of Plastic Surgery at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Twitter @andrewtcohenmd

About Vincenzo Apparel Vincenzo Apparel is collaboration between board-certified Scottsdale cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeon Bryan W. Gawley, M.D., Karen Ainbinder and a visionary business leader, Vincent Calcagno. Made in the USA (Los Angeles, California), Vincenzo bras are created specifically for women who undergo breast reconstruction, reduction or  enhancement surgery. Vincenzo bras provide the support surgeons want with exquisite artistry in styles that patients desire. In order to reduce discomfort on pressure points, the bras are designed with the incision sites in mind.  Twitter @sexysurgerybras