Fortune Magazine Ranks NFT Makers

Since the birth of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) around 2017, with the emergence of Cryptopunks as the first NFT on Ethereum, the digital token world has never been the same.

Some people are skeptics. I recently read someone said “we don’t need another format to sell a jpg.” It made me think about how we create, share and sell stuff in general.

Maybe the Millennials or Gen Z want something new. During a conversation about cryptocurrency trends with a twenty something tech minded guy, we were identifying where Cryptocurrency is in the zeitgeist. We decided that digital currency in general has moved out of the underground garage or basement, into the lobby, but is still in its nasence.

NFTs, however, have exploded into the realm of everyday conversation. Why?Probably because of the visual experience. Digital currency is invisible, difficult to grasp, and still volatile. NFTs are something to behold. They provide an experience, evoke emotions, and perhaps a desire to own…the art. They are shoppable.

If we contemplate the evolution of things in general…knobs turning to buttons, evolving to flat touch screens…my iPhone doesn’t have a home button anymore… we use face recognition more and more, NFTs seem…almost common.

And so today’s headlines feature Fortune magazine’s new rankings of the commodity: NFTs are NFTY