All the New Tech Terms You Need to Know Now

We’ve Gone from Wi-Fi to DeFi

By Linda Arroz


In just a few decades we’ve gone from Wi-Fi to DeFi and our digital and virtual worlds are have spun out like the spinning silica ball those hot shot scientists at Purdue hope will help them discover “wild and unpredictable things.”

As we Zoomed through 2021, the Metaverse continued to expand. NFT’s became mainstream conversation, even though most of us could barely grasp the concept and Mark Zuckerberg grabbed a hot commodity with the new name for Facebook: Meta.

To give you something fresh to impress, should you ever see anyone in person again, here’s a hot list of tech terms from Reuters for you to grapple with, roll around on your tongue and immediately forget what they mean!

Let the Metaverse be with you in 2022!