An Unabashed Futurist Launches a New Ecosystem, Bridging the Metaverse with the Real World.

As the news cycle surrounding cryptocurrencies continues to baffle us, announcements about new NFTs keep popping up. In the last week I’ve received several emails with cool ways NFTs are being incorporated into our daily lives.

Steve Aoki, 2x Grammy-nominated music producer, artist, designer, and NFT visionary, brings us his A0K1VERSE (@A0K1VERSE), a new ecosystem, bridging the metaverse with the real world. A0K1VERSE is the most ambitious project to date connecting web 2.0, web3, and IRL experiences. Built on the Passport, the A0K1VERSE is an NFT-gated membership community offering Passport holders exclusive access to both physical and digital experiences from Steve Aoki including opportunities and rewards from his high-wattage network of NFT collaborators and brand partners.

Aoki knows the power of NFTs to build vibrant community.

As a long-time collector and “an unabashed futurist” (Fortune), Aoki has been at the forefront with his NFT collaborations, generating over $4 million with the launch of his first NFT, the Dream Catcher series. He also co-created the first blockchain-based episodic series with Dominion X (@DominionX_NFT), partnered with Sotheby’s on their Contemporary Curated series, and recently partnered with comic book legend Todd McFarlane to create OddKey, an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain for comic artists to freely showcase and sell their original digital artwork.

“Since I started my first company Dim Mak back in 1996 I have cared for, grown, and embraced the concept of community. Now as we look at the future of what our community wants, I believe that the utility needs to be diverse, engaging, and evolving with culture. This is where IRL meets meta – not just in my world but the many worlds I am a part of. Members will not only get access to my own projects but a wealth of friends & family NFT projects and real-world experiences.”

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