About Us

Makeover Media is a technologically advanced boutique consulting firm offering public relations, business development and strategic planning with an expertise in health and wellness, entertainment, new products, fashion,  beauty, authors, and other upscale lifestyle clients.  Established in 1997, Makeover Media quickly distinguished itself as a pioneer in the digital age, applying high tech strategies to traditional public relations and business development.

Makeover Media was on the forefront of the “green revolution” with the establishment of a virtual office in 1998. As early adaptors of Web 1.0, we foresaw the profound environmental benefits of deploying the emerging technologies: replacing paper and petroleum with websites, electronic press kits, and other online communications. With no limit to geographical boundaries, Makeover Media has successfully worked with clients and media around the world for over a decade.

With the fruition of Web 2.0, Makeover Media continued to blaze new trails, harnessing and harvesting real time social media on behalf of its clients. We’ve continued to track the changes in the way consumers view and use the web. Visionary ideas, coupled with an almost uncanny ability to predict trends, has endowed Makeover Media with the reputation for being a “think tank,” helping clients to launch, retool and align their products, services and projects with global and local markets.

Makeover Media has produced over 400 television segments on national and local television including Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Good Day LA, The Food Network and CNN, and has secured major placements in top newspapers, magazines and blogs including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney.com, O The Oprah magazine, InStyle, Allure, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Fitness, Shape, and The Robb Report, The Financial Times, The Economist, Patch.com, LATimes.com, Real Simple, Smart Money, Good Housekeeping, Self, Working Woman, SheKnows.com, SquidInk…

Over the years we have worked with a stellar group of experts, small businesses, filmmakers and product innovators. This list represents the scope of our abilities and interests, but is not a complete client list.