As a consulting agency, Makeover Media provides insight, strategies, and solutions for artists, brands, entrepreneurs and their ideas, both large and small.

Business Development + Strategic Planning

Makeover Media excels in the art of business development and strategic planning, empowering clients to stand out from the crowd, rise above competitors, and achieve their goals.

  • Situation Analysis + Assessment + Solutions
  • Competitor Research + Consumer Insight + Trends

Content Creation 

Since the naissance of the dotcom era, Makeover Media has been a pioneer in content creation, with more than 20 years of experience creating story-driven content that engages and excites audiences.

  • Website Consultation + Blog Content + Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy + Execution

Public Relations

Public relations and communications have always been a core focus of our work. Makeover Media is known for delivering brand-driven stories for our clients through the media.

  • Story Development
  • Editorial Angles, Pitches + Outreach

Author Consulting

With over two decades experience working with writers, experts, and celebrities, we have the strategies and solutions to help book authors get published and connect with their audience.

  • Self Publishing Consultation from A to Z
  • Brand Development + Promotion + Strategic Partnerships