The Makeover Media advantage has been part of my repertoire for several years. They have been influential in honing and polishing my media image, advising and counseling (sometimes cajoling), on the necessary steps to put me where I need to be. Regardless of the field, be it broadcast, print or web, Makeover Media, has access to a variety of top tier connections and the professional bandwidth to back it all up

Patrick Egan, TEDx speaker, editor and producer of sUAS News, Podcast and Drone TV

Makeover Media developed and implemented a marketing plan that included social media outreach for a new book by Kate Troll. With their mentoring and assistance, we were able to revise Kate’s author website and initiate her social media outreach including Instagram, Twitter, Muckrack, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

Bill Hanson and Kate Troll, climate change activists and authors

Smart, quick, solution-oriented, high-energy, Makeover Media is a top-notch social media and public relations agency. They seem to work at the speed of light, with a full  range of literary, business and communication expertise to promote essentially all forms of media in integrated programs. 

Max Freedman, Max Freedman Media